Your accreditation for Manga-Comic-Con


There are two ways to obtain accreditation for Manga-Comic-Con: Either via our online form or in person at the on-site Media Centre. In each case, you will need valid credentials that prove you are a media representative. Please refer to the accreditation guidelines to find out exactly which documents you need. Advance accreditation is not necessary. However, by obtaining the documents in advance you will save time on the day of your visit to the fair.

Accreditation is available from January 8, 2024.

Guidelines for accreditation
Please note our guidelines for accreditation.
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Press / Accreditation (Please use our phone mailbox, we will call you back asap.)

Our accreditation guidelines

Accreditation makes it easier for you to report on our events and our company as a journalist, blogger or influencer. The following accreditation guidelines apply.

Download accreditation guidelines (PDF, 110 kB)


General Questions

Who can obtain accreditation?

Journalists and bloggers with valid credentials can apply for accreditation. You can find an overview of the accreditation guidelines (PDF, 110 kB) here. Camera operators, sound technicians, etc. will receive day passes on-site.

Do I have to obtain accreditation in advance?

Advance accreditation enables faster access to the trade fair when you arrive, but is not absolutely necessary. It is possible to obtain accreditation on arrival with valid proof at any time during Media Centre opening hours, throughout the entire duration of the fair.

What happens after my application for accreditation?

After a successful check, your application will be activated. You will then receive the ticket (as well as the parking ticket) by e-mail and can download them. Should a corresponding proof be missing from your application, we will contact you immediately.

How many times can I enter the trade fair grounds with my accreditation?

Accreditation is a permanent ticket. You can enter the grounds as often as you wish over the course of the trade fair.

When are media representatives allowed to enter the grounds?

Admission to the hall is only possible during opening hours. Anyone wishing to enter the grounds before that must be accompanied by members of our press team. Please get in touch with us in advance.

How do I obtain a filming permit?

Accreditation is valid as a filming permit during the opening hours of the fair. You therefore do not need any further permission to film. If you would like to film before or after the opening times of the trade fair, you will need an additional filming permit. In this case, please contact the press team.

Special Rules for Bloggers

Which bloggers can obtain accreditation?

Authors who run an established blog on topics relevant to Manga Comic-Con can apply for accreditation.

Please note that there are special requirements for the accreditation of bloggers (PDF, 110 kB) – for example, the blog/vlog must have existed for at least one year and the name of the blogger must appear in the imprint.

Why does a blog/vlog need to be at least one year old?

Since there is an ever-growing number of bloggers, we have introduced various quality criteria to verify bloggers. In addition to having a subject-specific connection to Manga Comic-Con or the Leipzig Book Fair, the blog must have existed for at least one year at the time of the event and be continuously maintained.

Does my name really have to be in the imprint of the blog/vlog?

Yes. Since the accreditation of the blogger/vlogger is done under their name, they must have a clear connection to the blog – this can only be confirmed if their name is included in the imprint.

Media Centre and Services

Where is the Media Centre?

The Media Centre is located in the administration building of Leipziger Messe. You can get there by car via gate Süd 1 or by tram via the reception office.

How do I get WIFI?

WIFI is available throughout the Media Centre and at selected, marked points in the halls. You can get the WIFI password on-site at the Media Centre.

Are there on-site lockers? Where can I deposit my bags?

There is a cloakroom in the Media Centre. You can drop off jackets and bags there. You can also use the cloakrooms in the halls free of charge. All you have to do is show your accreditation.

What services does the Media Centre offer?

  • At the Media Centre, you can activate the accreditation documents you received in advance or obtain accreditation.
  • You will be provided with extensive press material, such as press releases, information in the exhibitors' press boxes, the exhibitor catalogue and information brochures.
  • You are also welcome to use our technical services, such as PCs, connections for laptops, WIFI, telephone, fax and photocopying machines.
  • You can drop off your coats and bags in the cloakroom. There are no on-site lockers.
  • Small snacks and hot and cold drinks are also available.

Arrival and Parking

Where is the press car park and how do I get there?

ThThe press car park is right next to the Media Centre at the administration building. Access is via gate Süd 1.

How can I get access to the press car park?

Access to the press car park is only possible with accreditation and parking ticket. You can apply for a parking ticket via the online accreditation . Upon entry, you must show your accreditation and printed (!) parking ticket. Write your registration number and telephone number on the parking ticket in advance and place it visibly in the car.

Does the parking ticket need to be printed out?

Yes, the parking ticket must be printed out and placed visibly in your car. Please fill in your registration number and telephone number beforehand. Purely digital parking tickets are unfortunately invalid. In this case, please drive to P11 and enter the administration building via the reception. There you will receive all of the necessary documents.

How do I get access if I don't yet have accreditation?

Unfortunately, you cannot drive into the press car park without accreditation and a parking ticket. In this case, please use car park P11 and enter the administration building via the reception. There you will receive all of the necessary documents.

Is the press car park free?

The press car park is free of charge for accredited media representatives.

Can I use public transport with my accreditation?

Accreditation entitles you to use public transport free of charge in selected tariff zones of the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund during the course of the trade fair. You can travel free in MDV zones 110, 151, 156, 162, 163, 168, 210, 225.

See tariff zones (PDF, 802 kB)