New Artist Alley

This is the place for discovering creative talents. In the New Artist Alley, they will be showcasing their ideas for manga, comics and more. Self-designed comics and manga will be on display in this colorful artist's mile, as well as doujinshis, posters, stickers, buttons, artworks, art cards and handmade merchandising. All products can be purchased on-site. Many artists will draw live and signing your con hon.

The New Artist Alley replaces the previous collective presentation "MCC Kreativ".

It is intended for non-commercial artists and craftspeople offering only handmade products. Exhibiting here gives young creatives the opportunity to show their work to a wider public and establish contacts within the industry.

Zwei junge Frauen sitzen an einem Tisch und zeichnen. Auf dem Tisch liegen Papierbögen und Stifte, neben anderem Zeichenmaterial.

So what's new?

We can promise everyone who loves MCC Kreativ that the New Artist Alley will be an equally amazing place to discover creative young artists in the manga and comics scene.

What's going to change:

The New Artist Alley will be more centrally located in the exhibition hall.

The New Artist Alley is limited to 80 artists. There will be a waiting list with 20 spots.

Furthermore, we are changing the rules for how often each exhibitor can apply. Artists who are awarded a place by lottery and participate in the Manga-Comic-Con must wait three years before applying again. Those who are not allocated a place can try again the following year. With the new cycle, we intend to give even more artists the chance to be a part of this exciting and creative exhibition area as well as providing visitors with more variety.

Exhibition space rental including stand construction
(1 table | 2 chairs | partition walls | lighting)
€ 236.00
AUMA fee€ 1.20
Communication flat rate
(i.e. mandatory entry in the exhibitor directory)
€ 42.00
Free exhibitor pass1 pass
Total Costs€ 279.20

All prices plus VAT. The communication flat rate and the AUMA fee are mandatory fees without an opt-out option.

New Artist Gallery auf der Manga Comic Con
updated July 2023 | subject to alterations

Find all the details on the New Artist Alley in our document:

download PDF (PDF, 1 MB)

Time schedule

August 2023Open for applications:
Please apply using the online form at
--> All applicants will be issued with a confirmation of receipt.
8 September 2023Closing date for applications
21 September 2023Lottery to draw the 80 participants and the waiting list
--> All successful candidates immediately receive a link to
the online exhibitor registration form.
20 October 2023Closing date for exhibitor registrations
end of November 2023Mailing of stand addmission
30 November 2023Closing date for registering events at MCC 2024
from January 2024Mailing of stand allocations including table locations in the New Artist Alley
from mid-January 2024Mailing of invoices for exhibition space rental
from February 2024Online exhibitor passes available
21–24 March 2024Leipzig Book Fair and Manga-Comic-Con

Conditions of Participation

  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Only participants on their own and members of duos, trios or circles may take part. This must be declared when applying for a place.
  • Multiple registrations are not permitted and may lead to exclusion from the application process.
  • Parallel single applications by a registered duo, trio or circle will be considered as multiple registrations.
  • All products and services on offer must be related to anime, manga, comics or Asia in general.
  • The products on offer must be drawn, designed, sewn, crafted or produced by the exhibiting artist.
  • There must always be an exhibitor at the stand on all four days from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • As soon as the application is submitted, the General and Special Conditions of Participation for Manga-Comic-Con 2024 apply. You will find these on our website .
  • You can also read through the exact conditions of participation for the New Artist Alley under section 1.26 entitled "Special offers".