FAQ regarding your visit at Manga-Comic-Con

Are you planning to visit Manga-Comic-Con but have some unanswered questions about your visit? On this page, we will be answering the most frequently asked questions. The topics are:

Leipzig liest programme
Book and media sales
Getting to Leipzig Trade Fair and using public transport
Practical matters

Last updated: March 2024


Is my cosplay allowed at the Manga-Comic-Con?

We have summarised all the cosplay rules at Manga-Comic-Con on our website .

Requests as to whether or not a specific costume or props may be worn can be sent to info@manga-comic-con.de with a photo and full name.

Please understand that our security staff on site have the final authority.

Leipzig liest (Leipzig reads) Programme

Where can I find the Leipzig Book Fair programme?

You can find this year's Leipzig liest programme on our website (German only), including information about venues and times for readings, book signings and other Book Fair events.

Is there a printed programme?

No, the programme is exclusively available on our website (German only).

Excerpts from the Leipzig liest programme will also be printed in the "Logbuch" insert of the "Kreuzer" city magazine in March 2024 and distributed in selected locations throughout Leipzig.

In addition, the programme is also available on our website as a flip page e-paper showing the most important information on each event (German only).

Book and media sales

Is it possible to buy books on all days of Leipzig Book Fair?

Yes, it is possible to buy books and media on all days of Leipzig Book Fair. Books can be purchased from exhibitors at their stands, after events held in the forums at Leipzig Trade Fair and in the trade fair bookshops (children's and fantasy fiction bookshop in Hall 3 and the trade fair bookshop with a general range of literature in Hall 4). The fixed book price applies, i.e. books will be sold at the standard retail price.

How can I pay for books and other items at the trade fair?

There is no standard method of payment for all exhibitors and electronic payment is not always available at the stands.

Tip: You can withdraw money from your bank account at Leipzig Trade Fair. During Leipzig Book Fair, permanent and mobile ATMs from various banks are available for you at several locations.

You can find the ATMs here:

  • Sparkasse Leipzig (Glass Hall, West entrance/Magnolienallee)
  • Euronet (ATMs in Halls 1–5)
  • Euronet (East Entrance)
  • Mobile Euronet ATM (main location: Glass Hall, Ellipse/location subject to change)

Getting to Leipzig Trade Fair and using public transport

Does my ticket entitle me to use public transport?

On the day the ticket is valid, it entitles the holder to free transport to and from Leipzig Trade Fair on public transport operated by the MDV (Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund). The name of the ticket holder must be stated when placing the order in the online ticket shop. Only the named person may use the ticket to travel on public transport.

* Free travel to and from Leipzig Trade Fair on the day of the event by public transport operated by MDV (Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund) is valid for the following regions and tariff zones: 110, 151, 156, 162, 163, 168, 210 and 225.

How do I get to Leipzig Trade Fair?

You can find information about how to get there using various forms of transport under Travel and Parking .


Ticket sales, advance tickets and tickets on arrival

When does the ticket shop open for Leipzig Book Fair?

Our online ticket shop opened on 5 December 2023. Advance tickets for Leipzig Book Fair 2024 are also available from ticket offices at various locations across the city.

When is the deadline to purchase tickets to Leipzig Book Fair and Manga-Comic-Con 2024? Are ticket numbers limited?

In general, tickets can be purchased right up to the Sunday of the trade fair via our online ticket shop and during the fair at the on-site ticket offices. Please note the different ticket prices. Additionally, there may be long waiting times for on-site ticket sales. We do not currently expect ticket numbers to be limited. However, if it becomes necessary to close the online ticket shop due to the high number of visitors, we will provide information about this on our website.

Is it only possible to purchase advance tickets online or are there also ticket offices?

Advance tickets can also be purchased from ticket offices .

Can I also still buy a ticket when I arrive at the book fair?

Yes, this is possible. Please note that tickets sold on arrival at the event are more expensive than the advance tickets. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance via our online ticket shop in order to avoid long waiting times on arrival.

Can group tickets be purchased from the online ticket shop?

No, group tickets for members of the general public can only be purchased from the ticket offices on arrival.

Types of tickets and access authorisation

Can I visit Manga-Comic-Con with a ticket to Leipzig Book Fair and vice versa?

Yes, the tickets are valid for both events because Manga-Comic-Con is part of Leipzig Book Fair.

At what times on which days does my ticket provide access to the trade fair?

Leipzig Book Fair is open on all four days to members of the general public as well as trade visitors.

A day ticket for Thursday, Friday or Sunday authorises the holder to one-time admission on one of these days.

A flexible day ticket provides admission to Leipzig Book Fair on Saturday or any other day of your choice.

A full ticket authorises the holder to enter and exit the fair as often as desired on all days.

Can I enter and exit the fair multiple times per day?

A day ticket gives the holder one-time admission on a single day.

A full ticket authorises the holder to multiple admissions every day.

Are particular days reserved for trade visitors?

Leipzig Book Fair is open to trade visitors as well as members of the general public on all four days of the fair.

Are there special tickets for trade visitors?

No, the admission tickets are the same for trade and non-trade visitors.

Are there special tickets for bloggers?

No, the admission tickets are the same for all visitors. However, bloggers and creators can be accredited as members of the press if they meet the necessary requirements.

Who is eligible for reduced admission?

We generally approve reduced admission for the following groups of people upon presentation of eligibility:

  • schoolchildren, university students and apprentices
  • individuals with a disability status of at least 20 according to GdB (degree of disability)
  • pensioners
  • the unemployed and recipients of social benefits
  • disability pensioners
  • under 27s carrying out military or voluntary services
  • holders of a volunteer pass
  • holders of a Leipzig Pass

In addition, an accompanying person of any severely disabled person with "B" marked on their ID card may enter free of charge. Proof of eligibility must be presented.

Please note that your documents may be inspected on admission. We therefore ask you to bring along the appropriate papers or passes to ensure you receive discounted admission.

Examples of valid documents include:

  • school/student ID
  • letter of approval for social benefits
  • disabled ID marked "B"
  • letter of pension approval for pensioners and disabled pensioners

If you have any questions about proof of eligibility, please email us at tickets@leipziger-messe.de

Can I also visit the Leipzig Antiquarian Book Fair with my ticket to Leipzig Book Fair?

Yes, this is possible. The Leipzig Antiquarian Book Fair is located within Leipzig Book Fair in Hall 5.

Can I use my ticket to Leipzig Book Fair to visit a Leipzig liest event in the city?

No, tickets for Leipzig Book Fair and Manga-Comic-Con only admit the holder to Leipzig Trade Fair and Leipzig liest events held at Leipzig Trade Fair.

Leipzig liest events held elsewhere have different admission requirements that are managed at the discretion of the relevant event organiser and/or venue. For questions about particular events held outside Leipzig Trade Fair, please contact the relevant venue. You can find the organisers of each event in our online programme .

Ticket gifting and client invitations

Can I purchase a ticket as a gift for someone else?

Yes, it is easy to order a ticket as a gift for someone else. When personalising the tickets, simply enter the first and last name of the recipient of the gifted ticket.

How does it work?

1. Ordering and payment: the person ordering the gift tickets places their order and makes the payment using their own email address. The person placing the order is thus the recipient of the invoice and responsible for the purchase.

2. Personalisation for the recipient of the gift: During the order process, you can personalise the ticket to the recipient's name. Simply enter the first and last name of the gift recipient.

Tickets will be sent to the email address of the person who placed the order and made the payment. This person is responsible for ensuring the tickets are forwarded in good time to the named gift recipient.

I have received an invitation. How can I redeem it?

If you have received an invitation from an exhibitor, the invitation will contain a code. The code consists of a 6-character combination of letters and numbers (or only letters). This code serves as a substitute for payment in the online ticket shop. Please enter the code in the appropriate field in the ticket shop for the event you have been invited to.

Tip: For technical reasons, the ticket shop website skips to the bottom of the page after the ticket code is entered. Please scroll back to the top and select your free ticket for the event.

Please note that these invitations are single-use only and are invalidated after redemption in the ticket shop. Invitations must be redeemed for a valid ticket before entering Leipzig Trade Fair. Only a valid ticket provides access to the event. Invitations are only valid for the event stated on the invite.

Ticket changes and ticket loss

Can I transfer personalised tickets if my plans have changed and I want to give my ticket to someone else?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your ticket to another person until shortly before the event. To transfer your ticket to someone else, please follow these steps:

1. Send an email to tickets@leipziger-messe.de

2. Provide the ticket number, purchase date and the full name of the person to whom the ticket should be transferred.

3. Please note that it is possible to transfer tickets until shortly before the event. However, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible to ensure fast processing.

4. After we have processed your request, you will receive an email from us with a link to download the transferred ticket.

Please note that:

  • Tickets can generally only be transferred once, and the transfer cannot be reversed.
  • You must be sure to accurately include all the necessary details in your email to avoid delays.
  • The transferred ticket will be issued in the name of the new person, who must show the personalised ticket on entry to gain admission to the event.

What should I do if I have lost the ticket I purchased in the online ticket shop?

The confirmation email you received after purchasing the ticket contains a link to the tickets. You can use this link to download or print the ticket again. Please note that tickets cannot be duplicated. You will be denied admission to the event if someone else has already shown the barcode from your ticket to gain admission.

What if I have forgotten my ticket?

Admission to the event is only possible with a valid ticket. You can download the ticket again via the link in the confirmation email you received after purchasing your ticket online, then display it on your mobile device.

Another option is to purchase a new ticket at the on-site ticket office.

Is it possible to return my ticket?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. According to Section 312g Paragraph 2 No. 9 of the German Civil Code (BGB), there is no statutory right of withdrawal regarding the services offered by Leipzig Trade Fair via online purchase, which are to be provided at a specific time or within a precisely specified period of time.

Who should I contact if I have another question about the tickets and/or the ticket shop?

There are answers to many more questions in our Ticket Shop FAQ . If you still have additional questions, please email us at tickets@leipziger-messe.de .

Practical matters

Are there cloakrooms and lockers at the trade fair?

There are lockers available at various locations, including the Glass Hall and East Entrance as well as in the CCL. There are cloakrooms at all entrances including the Glass Hall and East Entrance as well as in Hall 1. Visitors with online tickets can also use the cloakrooms in the CCL and Hall 4.

The changing rooms for cosplayers are located in rooms M6 and M7.

Can I bring bags and luggage along to the trade fair?

Handbags and small rucksacks are permitted. In questionable cases, entry officials will determine whether larger bags or suitcases can be admitted.

Tip: There are lockers at Leipzig Trade Fair where you can store luggage or books you have purchased.

Leipziger Messe's house rules apply: https://www.leipziger-messe.de/hausordnung

Can we bring a pushchair to Leipzig Trade Fair for our child?

Pushchairs are permitted at Leipzig Trade Fair. However, please note that the aisles can often be very crowded with large numbers of visitors and it may be difficult to get through with a pushchair.

Can I bring something to drink along to the trade fair?

Drinks for general personal consumption are permitted. These may also be brought in drinking bottles.

Is there WiFi at the trade fair?

Leipzig Trade Fair provides a free WiFi network for visitors. Under your device's WiFi settings, select the Leipzig Trade Fair WiFi network and follow the instructions.