MCC Kreativ – New Discoveries Guaranteed!

They are important members of the community: the creative artists involved in manga, comics & co. They will be presenting their work at MCC Kreativ. You can see fan art including doujinshis, comics and posters as well as stickers, buttons, artworks, cocoa cards and self-produced merchandise. All products can be purchased on-site. Many artists will also be doing live drawings and signing your con hon.

MCC Kreativ 2023

Until August 10, the participants, who were drawn for 2020, could decide whether they want to participate in MCC Kreativ in 2023. Within this deadline, 93 participants have firmly confirmed for MCC 2023.

Since the interest in participating in the joint presentation is still very high, we have decided to still allocate the 37 free places and 10 places for the waiting list. The places will be allocated on a first come - first served basis. All information can be found on our social media channels.

MCC Kreativ 2023 list of participants (Updated 11.08.2022) (PDF, 116 kB)

Want to join us?

Spaces at MCC Kreativ will be allocated by drawing lots. Since Manga-Comic-Con was cancelled at short notice due to the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the artists planned in for these events will be presenting themselves at Manga Comic-Con 2022. Applications are welcome after that for future events.

Any More Questions?

You can find answers to questions concerning MCC Kreativ here . General questions for exhibitors have been put together here .